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Access 24

With Access 24, you've got a 24-hour direct line to your BNC Bank accounts. Just pick up the phone for current balances, the status of recently cleared checks and deposits, and more.

BNC Access 24
(877) 842-4180 Toll Free




Please follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your account number, followed by the #(pound) key or press the * key to return to the menu.
  • Please wait while we access your account information.
  • Enter your PIN (personal identification number) followed by the # key, or (New User) if you have not yet established a PIN press the *(star) key.
  • New callers must establish a PIN (personal identification number).
  • Enter your social security or tax ID number, followed by the # key.
  • Enter a new PIN (personal identification number) followed by the # key.
  • Re-enter your PIN to verify, followed by the # key.