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ATM/Debit Card Informational Safety Tips
As with all financial transactions, please exercise discretion when using an ATM. For your own safety, be careful. The following suggestions may be helpful:

Tips to Avoiding ATM Surcharges

What is an ATM Surcharge?
An ATM surcharge is an ATM transaction fee that is imposed by the owner of the ATM. The owner of the ATM may be your bank, another bank, and even a non-bank business. An ATM surcharge may be imposed in addition to any transaction fees charged by your bank. BNC Bank does not assess ATM transaction fees or ATM surcharge fees to its customers.

How do I avoid ATM surcharges?

How will I know how much an ATM will charge me?
There will be a sign posted on the ATM itself stating if any charge will apply. Once you have inserted your card and entered your PIN, a notice of any charge must appear, giving you the option of canceling the transaction without being accessed a fee.

How do I know which financial institution owns the ATM?
There is a sign posted on the ATM stating the name of the financial institution.

Does BNC Bank charge me for using an ATM machine not owned by BNC Bank?
No, but the owner of the ATM may charge you.

Will I be charged if I use my card to make a purchase at a merchant and ask for cash back?
Generally, no. However, a small number of businesses have started charging a "cash back" fee.

If I am a BNC Bank customer and use another bank's debit, credit or ATM card at a BNC Bank ATM, will I be assessed a surcharge fee?
Yes. Only BNC Bank ATM and debit cards can be used at a BNC Bank ATM without being charged a surcharge fee.

Does BNC Bank assess a surcharge for balance inquiries, deposits, or transfers?
No, only cash withdrawals are subject to an ATM surcharge.

Report a Lost/Stolen Card
You should notify BNC Bank immediately if your card is lost or stolen. If the Bank is closed, call toll free at (866) 546-8273 to report a lost or stolen card.