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More Rewards. Not More Rules.

BNC Bank offers a unique array of credit cards for everyday purchases and smaller credit needs. Whether you are just starting out or are seeking to rebuild your credit, desiring a lower interest rate to pay down other credit card debt or looking to take advantage of a number of bonus, cash or travel rewards — BNC Bank offers a card that may be perfect for you or your business. To browse our credit card options, use the Personal and Business buttons below.

Discover Mobile Purchasing

Today's smart phones are capable of doing amazing things. As a valued credit cardmember of BNC Bank, we are excited to announce that you can now make mobile payments with a compatible Apple®, Android® or Samsung® phone, tablet or watch, without ever opening your wallet!

Visit our Mobile Payments Website for more details >

With mobile purchasing, at check out, you'll use your phone instead of swiping your card. Typically, you'll just hold your phone near the terminal and okay your purchase with a fingerprint. Signatures may still be required.
It doesn't matter whether you have an Apple, Android or Samsung device — setup is simple with each technology. In most cases, you add your card with your phone's camera.
With mobile payments, instead of sharing your information, a virtual card number is created. That virtual number is used for purchases — keeping your data safe. Visit your phone provider website for more information on security.

Explore Mobile Purchasing for Yourself

Apple Pay™ works with:

• iPhone®
• iPad®
• Apple Watch™

Explore at

Android Pay™ works with:

• NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled Android devices

Explore at

Samsung Pay™ works with:

• Galaxy S®6
• S6 edge and later phones

Explore at


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